Pulau Perhentian

Pulau Perhentian

Tokyo Tower & Zojoji Temple - Tokyo - Japan

Today, I have visited the Tokyo Tower and the Zojoji Temple in Shiodome. In this area of the city you can also find the World Trade Center Observatory, take a Water Bus to the Port of Tokyo or even take a mini cruise in a Restaurant Ship.

The Tokyo Tower is a broadcasting tower and it was built in 1958. It is 333 meters-high and you can view the entire city from both: the 150 and the 250 meters-high observatories. In my opinion it is worth to pay a few extra yens to go up to the highest level. The views from the top are quite striking and for the first time since I am living here, I have really felt that Tokyo is a colossal capital. Even though the sun was shinning, I wasn't able to view Mount Fuji, therefore I was feeling a bit disappointed when I left the tower.

Outside, I walked for just a few minutes and I was at the Zojoji Temple, which was founded in 1393. This temple is the most impressive that I have seen so far. These two sites should not be missed by anyone visiting this amazing city.

Landing Away in Tokyo

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