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Pulau Perhentian

Portuguese Art in Japan - Japan

A few days ago, I have contacted the Portuguese Embassy in Tokyo, to request information about Portuguese monuments in Japan. The Portuguese-Japanese relations refer back to the 16th Century with the presence of the Portuguese in Japan.
I was informed that the Embassy has published a book about it, ''Portuguese Art in Japan'' and they have been kind enough to send me a copy by post.
The book showcases the work of 16 Portuguese contemporary artists that have their masterpieces in public areas of Japan (public parks, museums, galleries, subway station, etc).
My aim in the coming months is to visit some of these places.

If anyone would like further information or a copy of the book, please contact the Portuguese Embassy at centrocultural@toquio.org.

Landing Away in Japan

Artist: Jose Guimaraes, these are at (from left to right) the Maritime
Station of Naoshima, Kagawa and in Amagasaki
Artist: Bela Silva, these pieces can be seen at Yokoseura Park in Saikai

Artist: Bartolomeu Cid dos Santos, this piece can be seen
at Metropolitan Station of Nihonbashi, Tokyo

Artist: Antonio Duarte, this can be seen at the Interchange Square of Hirado Port

Artist: Antonio Duarte, this piece can be seen
at the Port of Nishinomoote, Tanegashima

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