Pulau Perhentian

Pulau Perhentian

Pet-Spas in Tokyo - Tokyo - Japan

I am very surprised with the number of pet spas that you can find in Tokyo. First of all, the concept of pet spa is quite new to me. There are some pet hotels in Europe but I've never heard about pet spas. Here, they are all over town, I have seen more pet spas than for example baby shops.
The pet spas normally have a shop where you can buy outfits, colorful necklace chains, leads, water and food buckets, carry on bags, food etc. They also have the spa/saloon where pets are pampered (hair trimmed, body massages, full wash etc). Some companies even design pet outfits that match wedding dresses.

Landing Away in Tokyo


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Anonymous said...

E os spas a serio? Aqueles que sao para nos onde se gasta um ordenado inteiro mas sais de la mais fresca que uma pescada no mar do norte? Ja experimentaste algum?