Pulau Perhentian

Pulau Perhentian

Tsunami Alert in Japan - Tokyo - Japan

Today, I woke up and it was raining, I have turned the TV on and there was a tsnumami alert. Some channels were showing live coverage of the coastal areas, while others continued with their normal transmitions, but had a flashing map of Japan as backgroung, with the areas at risk highlighted in red.
I have decided to check the internet for some additional information. For anyone willing to check the weather conditions in Japan, I suggest a look at the Japanese Meteriological Conditions website, that has the most updated weather details also in English.

The earthquake that has generated the tsunami alarm was in Chile. First there was the powerful earthquake in Haiti on January 12th, than a couple of days ago, one in Okinawa Islands (South of Japan), and now this one in Chile has triggered tsunami alerts in over 50 countries.
I am living away from Tokyo Bay, on a high rise building so the tsunami should not reach this area. Nevertheless, I have decided to review the ''Disaster Prevention and Emergency Procedures'' brochure, that I have collected at the city hall. It contains information mainly applicable in case of an earthquake. Since my arrival I have felt two earthquakes, 4.0 on Richter scale, and I have felt abslolutly powerless.

At around 12:50, I have started to hear loud alarms coming from outside, these alarms were followed by a message in Japanese. I have opened the window and the sound of it gave me a sense of apprehension. The alarms continued sporadicaly until 14.00. I have looked outside and everybody was acting normal. No one was runing, no seemed in panic. As the hours went by and I didn't listen to more alarms, I have started to feel more relaxed, the sun started to shine so I've decide to venture outside.

The streets were as busy as they normally are on a Sunday afternoon. I was glad that I went out. I walked around the Shinagawa area for one hour and when I was back at home I was feeling some serenity.

In the evening I have looked outside and there was a bright full moon in the sky.
The day has ended with an highly appreciated normality.

Landing Away in Tokyo

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