Pulau Perhentian

Pulau Perhentian

Ginza, the Fish Market, Hama-Rikyu Gardens - Tokyo - Japan

The first month in Tokyo finished with a visit to Ginza, the shopping area for very expensive items, like for example Van Cleef & Arples. The opulent Tokyo didn't impress me, it had just shops and I wanted more...so...I have headed towards the fish market! Here I have felt Tokyo again...at least a Tokyo that seemed more authentic.
The fish market on a Sunday around 11 am was packed, I just had to go with the flow of people. There were innumerous stalls selling mostly fish related products. But its also possible to buy tea and vegetables, eat in some small restaurants, or buy some delicious cakes. Japanese pastry was a pleasant surprise, they have a vast variety of fine delightful cakes.
I have ended up my solitary walking tour at the Hama-Rikyu Gardens tea house, again in inner calm with magnificent views over the town.

I've seen peculiar places and also experienced some Japanese Hi-tech: taxi doors that open and close automatically, toilet seats that are a combination of toilet and bidet (anus washing, bidet washing and seat warming all in one), washing and dryer machines that have automatic programs...but there's more...much more.
This was just the start but I am completely surrendered to Japan and its charms.
Looking forward to uncover more of Tokyo!!!

Landing Away in Tokyo

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