Pulau Perhentian

Pulau Perhentian

Tea Ceremony – Hama Rikyu Gardens - Tokyo - Japan

Recently, I’ve returned to Tokyo Hama Rikyu Gardens. My goal was to visit the tea house. I’ve arrived and waited at the outside queue; on my turn I payed in advance, removed my shoes and then was taken to a tatami- floored room to seat.
I’ve received an English A4 paper with instructions (tea ritual etiquette for foreigners).This paper was helpful but additional clarifications from a Japanese lady seating next to me were crucial. Tea was served on a little tray with a cake. Once I received my tray I bowed to thank. I used my shop sticks to cut the cake in small pieces and had to eat the cake before drinking the tea. The tea bowl must be hold with the right hand and supported with the left end. Before drinking I rotated the bowl twice, to the right, to turn the figures to myself. Once I finished drinking, I passed my finger on the board and rotated it again twice in the opposite direction, before putting the ball back at the tray. Once my tray was about to be removed I bowed again to thank. The instructions make everything sound complicated but it wasn’t, it was a very nice experience and I will repeat it with people who come for a visit. But…a proper tea ceremony is full or rules, and etiquette and some people take years to master the art or making and serving tea in Japan.
Landing away in Tokyo

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Sarah Piper said...

Hello! I am visiting Tokyo soon and would love to do this. Can you tell me if I need to book in advance?