Pulau Perhentian

Pulau Perhentian

Yokohama - Japan

Last Sunday, I have visited Yokohama, a city circa 30 minutes south of Tokyo by train. Yokohama is known to be Japan's largest international port ‘an early gateway to the West’.
I’ve wandered mainly in the seaside area of Minato Mirai and in town centre. But, I will have to pay another visit because apparently, I’ve missed a very popular Chinatown, some distinct neighborhoods and attractions like for example The Yokohama Museum of Art.
I have spent so much time in Minato Mirai due to a competition of youth in costumes (Harajuku style). After, I went to centre town where there were a lot of street performances going on. I ended up having lunch in a traditional Japanese restaurant where we could seat on a floor. No one spoke English, I have selected a meal from a Japanese menu but, I had absolutely no idea what I was selecting (I was thrilled with the feeling). I was surprised with a lovely meal: grilled meat, rice, misu soup, salad, and tofu and dried fish. I am looking forward to more similar experiences.

Landing Away in Japan

On the left Japan's highest building

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